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We are often asked if gutters are necessary to install around the entirety of our customer's homes.  Controlling water runoff and directing it away from the home is an important step in proper home maintenance and protection. Soil expands when saturated and contracts when dry which leads to soil movement or displacement. The the sandy nature of the soil in Florida also creates a problem for erosion. Long term exposure to water runoff or soil erosion could lead to many issues:


  • Foundation or slab failure

  • Staining of masonry or siding

  • Damage or erosion of landscaping/mulch beds

  • Ponding or standing water against the home which attracts pests like termites and mosquitoes

  • Water damage/seepage into the interior of the home; leading to mold/rot

Scroll through the photos to see some examples of water damage we've encountered. Scroll down to see a video by Senox that explains the benefits of a whole home gutter system.

Why your home needs gutters



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